Brainleaf Features

Using Brain Leaf makes projects transparent to all of those involved, from the stakeholders to the designers, programmers, and project managers! Brainleaf can help you:

  • Accurately and quickly estimate the cost of your projects
  • Establish a precise information architecture
  • Stay on an established time line
  • Avoid scope creep
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Prepare a scope within minutes
  • Get all those involved to estimate their time accurately
  • Get contacts prepared immediately
  • Get contracts signed instantly
  • Keep all paperwork to a minimum
  • Write up change orders promptly, including additional fees every step of the way


You can check the status and billing of every project

Start new project

Get new project started here or import an existing one.

Billing Amounts

See all your projects billing amounts at one glance.

Project Statuses

See the current status of your projects.

Scope of Work

You will always know exactly what each project entails and how long every project will take

Price and Hours

Both total amount of hours and $ are automatically calculated and refreshed in real time.

Project Navigation

Scope can get very long. Use the navigation to browse your project easily.

WYSIWYG editor

Add descriptions to your items to convey clear directions to your team and the clients.

Tags Feature

Add tags your projects to ease browsing and team communication.

Tasks, People, and Pricing

Every particular detail of the project is outlined and shared

Your List of Tasks

Create, edit or delete tasks and set rates according to your billing type.

Graph Summary

A graph shows how your tasks are broken down.

Billing Types

Bill by person, by task, by project rate, or by flat fee

Pricing Method

Set up your project with the appropriate billing type.


Set your budget and control hours and pricing.


Use one of our contracts or upload your own

Upload your own

You can add your own contracts to the system

Use our contracts

Brainleaf provides a set of contracts, you can even edit them!


Get client approval fast using your contracts

Approve / Decline

Project Contracts

Add a contract with your project when you send you scope for approval.


Use templates to build your scope or create your owns

Save Your Templates

Create template in the scope area and save them for future projects.

List of Templates

See all your own templates plus the default one from Brainleaf.


Share your projects with Team members to streamline production

Your Team

See all people associated within the project.

Add Team Members

Easily add a collaborator on the project by adding new people.