Building a Scope of Work (SOW) document for a website project

Scope of work (SOW) for a website project

Writing a Scope of Work (SOW) for a website This document discusses the general items you need in a SOW for a website, but becasue projects can vary so much, you may need to include more items in your SOW. Today, we’re going to look at how to use BrainLeaf to produce a Scope of […]

Nine Easy Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Guest blogger Marina Robertson explores easy steps to increase your business’ conversion rate. Considering the fact that a lot of people use their mobile devices for surfing the net, it is better for online businesses to have a platform that runs well on mobile devices. If the site loads really slowly or has errors when […]

Google’s Mobile-first indexing – still a thing of the future

Guest blogger Mario Didlier writers about Google’s indexing system and how to use it to grow your digital presence. Back in November 2016, Google announced they are experimenting with their new mobile-first indexing system and said it will go live in “the near future”. Naturally, this caused some paranoia around SEOs and webmasters, but they […]

Determining your hours of operation: when should you be working?

It might sound surprising to you but there’s a specific time frame within the day when people become more productive. Our friends over at share valuable data on the best time you should work and why it would be best to schedule your business operations during these hours. One of the first things that […]

How the Look of Your Office can Boost the Productivity of Your Team

Guest blogger Emma Lewis gives tangible advice about boosting your work productivity. The productivity of staff leads to a successful business. You want to increase the productivity of your team in any way possible. The right office space can boost morale and overall attitude of your staff. Here’s how your office can increase the productivity […]

Easiest Ways of Converting Visitors Into Customers

Converting Visitors into Customers

By our guest author Ciocan-Muller Vlad. I don’t plan on giving a technical essay on how to improve your lead generation or SEO. What I want you to do after reading the next paragraphs is to be able to gain more customers through your online website. The scenario is that you are already gaining enough […]

Ultimate Tips for Properly Organizing Your Digital Space

Guest blogger Mary Kleim talks about how to properly organize and optimize your digital work space. Close your eyes and imagine the perfect office. It’s clean, spacious, with tons of light and fresh air. Such an office would instantly put you in a productive mode, right? Now, think about your digital files. You haven’t been […]

What Digital Designers Think About Microsoft Surface Studio

Guest post by Rachael Everly Last year, Microsoft made headlines when it introduced a truly innovative technology in the market. Its surface studio was designed for the illustrators, designers and digital artists. Although technology has been changing in the field of animation rapidly, no major player such as Microsoft or Apple had put forward something […]

Work A Little Now, Earn For Life

Contribution from freelance writer Jess Walter Money for nothing; the Holy Grail. While it may be true that you can’t make money out of thin air, passive income streams are the next best thing. After the initial setup, the earnings will pour in for the foreseeable future; some people earn thousands of dollars per month […]